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Left for Dead By Raymond Roy: #writephoto

Body aching, covered in dirt, like I had died, was buried, dug back up then ran over me with a truck. Trying to get my bearings I look across the Idaho landscape, not a soul in site with the exception … Continue reading

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Guest author: Barb Taub – That time we were kidnapped in #India…#travel #humor

There are writers whose work has a certain predictability about it. My guest today is one of them. I have learned to put down the coffee and place breakable objects at a safe distance when a post from Barb Taub … Continue reading

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A mysterious discovery by Neel Anil Panicker #writephoto

Anita loved her early morning walks. It helped that her house was the last abutting the forested area that stretched out over more than a few acres and beyond leading up to the river. She would wake up at the … Continue reading

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Angelic beings

Chiaroscuro Monochromatic contrast Light against darkness * The dove perches on the wooden stall of the stable. I see only its back, white against the red-gold light. The folded wings  form a symbol of love. In the shadows, a newborn … Continue reading

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The Empty by Ellen Best #writephoto

Remnants of yesterdays bonfire smolder on the bank, barbed wire posts too damp to burn are propped at angles like skeletons legs. The wind whips my hair across pinkend cheeks, wipes drops from moist eyes as I trudge aimlessly across … Continue reading

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Stating the obvious

“I feel a blog post coming on.” For once, it wasn’t me who said it, though it turns out I have to write it anyway. My son lounged in bed, brushing toast crumbs out of his beard. Me, I was … Continue reading

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Exit in Trance… Suart France

* …Face of moving water Breathing in water The water a breathing face… * Today I will speak to you For, today, we hold a race A sprint to the death Whose spirit yields to the swiftest The fleetest of … Continue reading

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Contrast #midnighthaiku

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