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Unseen #midnighthaiku

* In winter’s cold hand Warmth and hope a distant dream Spring grows in darkness *

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Horizon On Fire – stoner on a rollercoaster #writephoto

Who set the horizon ablaze?? Like our souls weren’t seared enough already? Like regrets haven’t tried to torch our minds turning every fragment of our conscious into soft grey aches flying around us as we cover this dreadful transition between … Continue reading

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Destiny #midnighthaiku

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Sight #Writephoto  by D. Wallace Peach

The enemy showed up at the wall when autumn’s copper leaves twirled from brittle twigs and food ran shy. I slid my rifle from the borehole and dug in my pocket for a wedge of bread and wafer of dried … Continue reading

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Veteran  – from Journey #writephoto

My first attempt for Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt The photo of the bird, caught still in time somehow reminded him of his own situation. He can’t move forward,  He can’t move back..  The world is moving,  But he has lost … Continue reading

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Horizon by Neel Anil Panicker #writephoto

From the edges Rajesh watches on helplessly as the turbulent sea births wave upon monstrous wave of high frothy waters which then angrily swim towards the rocky weed filled edges only to crash and die untimely deaths. He throws the … Continue reading

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Dark Clouds from Life at 17 #writephoto

Dark clouds hovering over me, Casting shadows I can’t escape. Staring into the horizon, I keep on searching, For a speck of light, Continue reading : Dark Clouds

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Lantern #writephoto – The escape

  Thick tendrils of mist embrace the thick base; The ancient trunk transforms into an eerie face; Deep knotholes become dark hooded eyes; A missing chunk of bark, a mouth that sighs. * Frothy fronds of foliage, a frame of … Continue reading

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Hues Of Humanity – Balroop Singh #writephoto

Living in caves for centuries We promised we would dwell together That incandescent light is but a deception You said…Light of love is the real light Your attraction to the allusive world Carried you far from me You got mired … Continue reading

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Beacon from pensitivity101 #writephoto

Reblogged from pensitivity101:     ‘It’s a fan I tell you.’ ‘No, it’s not. It’s a crown.’ ‘Fan.’ ‘Crown.’ ‘Faaannnn.’ ‘No, Crroowwn’. ‘Fan!’ ‘Crown!!’ Charles listened to his two offspring arguing over the silhouette on the hill. It was all … Continue reading

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