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First World Problems by Martin Cororan #writephoto

‘And so you see, the answer was inside yourself all along…’ Mystical settings aside the pupil was livid. ‘That’s it? That’ll all you’ve got? After months of meditation, and all those trials: Descend blindfolded to the bottom of the sacred … Continue reading

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Guest Author: Audrey Driscoll – Weird rabbits…

A while ago it occurred to me that when humans become extinct, unless aliens arrive on Earth to dig up and appreciate our music, art and writing, it will become meaningless. The animals that survive our presence on this planet … Continue reading

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The Archaeologists – by Lady Lee #writephoto

“The petroglyphs told the story of an unusual event.” “I thought that a leviathan was scaring the fish away from something,” Peter suggested. “You could be right, Peter, look at these, their success required dogged determination,” Rick agreed. “Did someone … Continue reading

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Deep – from Of Glass and Paper #writephoto

The marks on the sand were intriguing, and I followed them. Of course I had plenty on my mind: what had happened to the wreckage of our craft, why had my skin changed colour overnight, how was it I wasn’t hungry … Continue reading

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‘Magic Lady’ – a glimpse of beauty

On Friday, we gathered from far and wide to say a final farewell to our friend. Funerals are never happy occasions, but they can hold more beauty than our grief may allow us to see. It would have been impossible … Continue reading

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White-Skunk seeks medicine IV… Stuart France

* … Skunk came to a longhouse, and recognised the people there as those who pushed his musk-sac back into the river in repulsion, he said to those people, “I am on my way from the camp of the Clever … Continue reading

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Faces #midnighthaiku

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