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#writephoto spring: renewals and reimaginings by Lorraine

Another installment, this time more lengthy, in Cullen Callawe’en’s quest. Born humanish in the northern lands where all folks possess personal magic, she grew up wild within the forest. Learning all that nature could teach, as her forebears learned from … Continue reading

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Guest author: David Jordan – On Yeats and Irish Mythology

Many people would consider J.R.R. Tolkien as the father of modern fantasy fiction. This is true in the narrow exclusive sense of the word. A more inclusive definition would admit many other imagineers who wrote before Tolkien. I would argue … Continue reading

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Spring #writephoto by Willow

This  part of  Sue Vincent of  Daily  Echo #writephoto  prompt.  It  is  part  three of  my  story  which  started  here with  the  Tryst here with  the  Tryst   and  continued  here with  the  Bridge As  she  rounded  the  corner  and … Continue reading

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Onomatopoeia by Spring #writephoto by Sangbad

have you heard the song… song of the ripple…continuous… hush…listen to the rhythm that’s dancing through wood… would you stop walking fast first…that’s it…now listen…quietly… softly the rhythm flows… Continue reading: Onomatopoeia by Spring

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#WritePhoto Enchanted Spring by Pamela Morse

Before we leave on the long pilgrimage to our forefathers’ homeland we gather vessels to fill with the water from the magical spring. Although it is heavy to carry on the slippery mountain trails we consider the water to be … Continue reading

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Ani is not happy with me. Not only did I let her guests escape again… and not only did I manage to get her in the bathtub (though this time, I did have help) … No, she is sulking because … Continue reading

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The Other-Side of Space… Stuart France

* So Cor and Fran retreated to the start of the green sward and replayed as accurately as they could remember the events that had led to Min’s mysterious disappearance. Fran ran on ahead and when she got to the … Continue reading

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Possibility #midnighthaiku

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