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Empty by Hayley R. Hardman #writephoto

When the moors were empty, it made them far better to walk upon, Wish decided. There weren’t noisy children running around or dogs barking or horses clopping everywhere. There was just the wind blowing through the dry grasses and heather. … Continue reading

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Guest robot: Lisa Burton – An invitation

How much would you pay to reach a potential audience of say, a hundred thousand readers? And what if, instead, you could do that for FREE, with no strings attached? Writers need to promote their work… interviews, guest posts, radio … Continue reading

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Beaching Ourselves by Pamela Morse #writephoto

The sandy beach was sunlit and appealing as we stepped ashore. We had all been on a picnic party out to the island that had become a bit too rowdy for some of us. We left our jolly drinking friends … Continue reading

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Thursday photo prompt – Empty #writephoto

Originally posted on Two on a Rant:
The cake calls to me, its icing as smooth as a baby’s skin, with its 5 layers of hypnotic lusciousness. A rec room, filled with relatives telling jokes, rumbles with their laughter.  Two…

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Empty by Willow #writephoto

Rachel woke remembering the horror of Lisa’s dream. The feeling of unease she had experienced in her sleep was still with her. She padded over to check on Lisa who was standing at the sink looking out of the window. … Continue reading

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Ani does Macbeth (again)… the dog-treat scene

Is this a dog treat which I see before me, Thus dangled before my nose? Come, let me crunch thee. I have thee not, and yet I see thee still. Thou art not, fatal vision, sensible For the volume of … Continue reading

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Limned #midnighthaiku

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