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Microfiction #writephoto: Starting over by Jane Dougherty

Fifty years after the end of the conflict, the wasteland showed only the barest trace of green. The bodies were gone, bleached bones covered in dry, shifting earth. No vegetation anchored it, and winds blew the earth from drift to … Continue reading

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Brass knuckles for a lady by Tallis Steelyard

I was home first that evening and had brought supper with me. A good chunk of game pie, half a bottle of wine, and even some vegetables, although it has to be admitted that these had a sad a wilted … Continue reading

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Bounty by Craig Towsley #writephoto

He slid down from the saddle and let his horse graze. Three days ago he set off after a couple of drifters. They’d shot their way out of the bank. Empty-handed. Killing a woman walking out of the General Store … Continue reading

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Empty by Lady Lee #writephoto

in a land of sadness, broken dreams are made pressure is mounting and tempers getting frayed can’t go on, of empty sheets and promises when everything is aimless and such bleakness confusion and betrayal make me lonely trust was broken … Continue reading

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Holding Hope

Originally posted on Colleen Briggs Art & Writing:
Holding Hope; 2017; 18″ x 23″; watercolor Sometimes the greatest expression of love is simply to stand shoulder to shoulder, holding hope for each other. 

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A touch of tenderness

My son gleefully squeezed harder at the knotted muscle in my shoulder, with a ‘Now I’ve got you’ as I groaned in agony. We have established and agreed that he has a slightly sadistic tendency where I am concerned. It … Continue reading

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White-Skunk seeks medicine VIII… Stuart France

* … Once Rice-Bird’s whistle could no longer be heard, Skunk soon forgot his fear. He came to a shady place. “Ah, this would be a good place to play the stick-game,” thought Skunk. He gathered some chunks of rotten … Continue reading

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Leaf #midnighthaiku

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