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Thursday Photoprompt: GOLD

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
Thanks Sue for an awe-inspiring photo this week. https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/3193846/posts/1398220639 Like this bird in flight, Take me away from this life. Lift me high on the wing Towards the golden rays of sunset. Envelop me with mystic…

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Guest writer: Tric Kearney – Chancer

I’m a writer…Really? “Hi, I’m Tric, (pronounced Trish), I live in Ireland and I’m a writer.” There’s a first. I don’t think I’ve ever written that before and it’s made me smile, because as I hear myself say ‘I’m a … Continue reading

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abundant love

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Quiet Confidence

Originally posted on Reena Saxena:
The greyness looming on the horizon does not bother me. I just carry my glow to another zone. The clouds will come and go, and display their unusual shapes against different backgrounds. Nature and destiny…

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Dominions of Cnut – #Silenti

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
image source?CC BY-SA Pity poor King Canute (Real name ‘Cnut’ pron: Kn-ootr). He went down in English history as the King who was so self-important?that he sat in a ceremonial chair, on the beach,…

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The silence weighed heavy, the break in communication punctuated only by the ticking of the great mahogany clock. “Speak to me,” he whispered. “What is it that you need to tell me?” She looked at him, pale and beautiful as … Continue reading

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Thursday photo prompt – Gold #writephoto

Use the image below to create a post on your own blog… poetry, prose, humour… light or dark, whatever you choose, by noon (GMT)  Wednesday 5th April and link back to this post with a pingback. Please make sure that … Continue reading

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Photo prompt round-up – Empty #writephoto

The photo for this week’s prompt was taken early one morning as we took the long way north for one of the Silent Eye’s Living Land weekends in Ilkley last year. For some reason, the route we had chosen headed … Continue reading

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Notes from a small dog – War and peace

Sparrows, she said.  Ha! If only… It’s been peaceful since we moved here. Apart from the cows and the postman… and a few odd visitors like the hedgehog. I was really starting to feel I could relax a bit. She … Continue reading

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Considering White-Skunk II… Stuart France

* Winged creatures are almost universally regarded as symbols of spirituality. Is there any evidence to regard them as such in this tale? Bald-Eagle has fire. Meadow-Lark has far sight. Rice-Bird can play dead. Not a bad ‘trawl’. * * … Continue reading

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