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Not perhaps the best location

Originally posted on Tallis Steelyard:
It was Sneal, a friend of mine, who told me this story. Sneal is a peddler, or wandering merchant if you wish to flatter him. Not that flattery will get you anywhere; there are few…

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Good For Something…a Jack Lockwood story by Geoffrey West

Reblogged from the Jack Lockwood Diaries: “I’ve got you!” We were touching, chest-to-chest. I could smell his sweat. The whites of his eyes and the ebony black of his skin were an inch away from my face. And I was … Continue reading

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Bridge #writephoto

Originally posted on Myths of the Mirror:
I wasn’t supposed to talk to strangers, which is why I never told my mum about the man below the bridge. She wouldn’t have tolerated him with his frayed coat and dirty fingers.…

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Bridge by Willow #writephoto

She  had  been  running  all day thoughts  of Mathew her  beautiful  Vampire filling  her  head. Today was  the  first  day  she had  really  had  the  strength  to  run  properly. It  had  taken  three  dangerous  days  of  cleaning  and  resting  to … Continue reading

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The first slug of spring

They are getting earlier…I checked, it was April last year. Granted, last year they had a step to navigate, while the new place allows free ingress over the threshold, but this year, the first slug of spring slithered in through … Continue reading

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Silence (Tanka) by Sangbad #writephoto

  Wind slur, darkness clasp in poor weak light as the silence reigned boasting itself Continue reading: Silence (Tanka)

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A laughing heart

Sent to me by Obi, a friend and Companion of the Silent Eye: “Let me Sue, tell you a traditional story on happiness from my people the Igbo of South east Nigeria as an example of how happiness can make … Continue reading

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Bridge #writephoto… Stuart France

* From the light place To the dark place A span… of I am. * Of maybe’s and supposes Littered like the discarded debris Of an I was That the Shadow-Net failed to trawl. * Continue reading here

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Summer #midnighthaiku

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But me from Life at 17 #writephoto

Life is in a mess, Like gutter with wastes, I feel so inadequate, so inadequate, Self doubt and insecurities filling me up, That’s when I see it blazing, That bridge, So big, so big, But on fire, The Bridge between … Continue reading

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