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Growing Potatoes on Mars by Kim M. Russell #writephoto

Powerful, fiery and dramatic, the red planet is a devil of a place to grow potatoes. Mind you, they always take root in my kitchen cupboard… Continue reading here

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Gravity Well by Carl Bystrom #writephoto – Words and Worlds

“I’m stuck,” Davis groaned. “And I can’t see anything….” “That’s ’cause your big ass is blocking the light.” Chisholm twisted the top of the cylinder he was holding and a glow illuminated the rocky floor in a dim circle around … Continue reading

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 Deep from Pensitivity #writephoto

Surprisingly, it didn’t feel cold here. In fact, it was like being in the rosy glow of a welcoming fire, although technically they were in the bowels of the earth. The Guide had warned them to keep up, but something … Continue reading

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There is a pool; Its waters are held Within the chalice of earth Reflecting the sky. It sparkles, calm and still, Glinting in the sunlight, Glittering with the stars That play across its surface, As day turns to night turns … Continue reading

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Deep by Joelle LeGendre #writephoto

He sat, back straight at the table, pulling his heavy oak chair closer to it. White hair parted from the left, framing a formidable face etched by the ravages of time.  Sharp green eyes sparkled just a little at the … Continue reading

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Wind, rain and apparitions

It rained. Pretty much all weekend. We did manage a couple of forays out into the hills… but our aim was, on both occasions, pretty specific. With another book underway, we needed photographs. One jaunt saw us terrifying the local … Continue reading

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White-Skunk seeks medicine V… Stuart France

* … As Wolf approached, Skunk called out, “Oh brother, you are on your way but do not come up to me, pass around at a safe distance, I have come from the camp of the Clever Fellows and their … Continue reading

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Kids #midnighthaiku

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