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Growing Potatoes on Mars by Kim M. Russell #writephoto

Powerful, fiery and dramatic, the red planet is a devil of a place to grow potatoes. Mind you, they always take root in my kitchen cupboard… Continue reading here

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Gravity Well by Carl Bystrom #writephoto – Words and Worlds

“I’m stuck,” Davis groaned. “And I can’t see anything….” “That’s ’cause your big ass is blocking the light.” Chisholm twisted the top of the cylinder he was holding and a glow illuminated the rocky floor in a dim circle around … Continue reading

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 Deep from Pensitivity #writephoto

Surprisingly, it didn’t feel cold here. In fact, it was like being in the rosy glow of a welcoming fire, although technically they were in the bowels of the earth. The Guide had warned them to keep up, but something … Continue reading

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Deep by Joelle LeGendre #writephoto

He sat, back straight at the table, pulling his heavy oak chair closer to it. White hair parted from the left, framing a formidable face etched by the ravages of time.  Sharp green eyes sparkled just a little at the … Continue reading

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White-Skunk seeks medicine V… Stuart France

* … As Wolf approached, Skunk called out, “Oh brother, you are on your way but do not come up to me, pass around at a safe distance, I have come from the camp of the Clever Fellows and their … Continue reading

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Kids #midnighthaiku

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