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Fractals from methodtwomadness #writephoto

Reflections absorb memories, reshaping voices and loose ends in recurrent waves.  Light, a fissured mirror. Continue reading: Fractals

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Guest author: Trent P. McDonald – Telling tales

Come on over, pull up a log and sit a spell.  I’ll build up the fire and then tear a hole in the universe to transport us to another place and time.  I might just take us back to yesterday’s … Continue reading

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Colleen’s weekly tanka challenge

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Glorious end from Life at 17 #writephoto

Spring means new, Spring means life, Spring means beauty in the facade of change. New leaves grow, Old leaves bow, Replacement in full blow, Taking cue from the season, I wanna change, Continue reading: Glorious end

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Memories of Spring – by Robbie Cheadle #writephoto

This memory of Spring was written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt – Spring #writephoto. You can join in by following this link: https://scvincent.com/2017/03/02/thursday-photo-prompt-spring-writephoto/ In South Africa, Spring usually arrives with a bang. One day it is cold and the … Continue reading

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Spring by Neel Anil Panicker #writephoto

In his thirty years of policing, Inspector Vaidyanth Kamble had never witnessed anything as horrendous as this. A mere foot from where he stood lay the corpse, or rather, whatever remained of it. Careful so as not to disturb any … Continue reading

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Spring – Stuart France #writephoto…

* …They do have something of the ‘other-world’ about them these places. ‘No un-authorised person beyond this point,’ said the sign. ‘But we are more authorised than anyone ever could be,’ said Wen. It is difficult to disagree but then … Continue reading

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Alone #midnighthaiku

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