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Living Lore: March folklore ~ Gary Stocker

Gary shares some March-related lore: “A peck of dust  Is worth a king’s ransom” A peck being a unit of dry volume. Finding that much dry soil in March is very unusual. “March many weathers” As we have seen, March … Continue reading

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Storm~ The Urban Spaceman #writephoto

Storm winds come, storm winds go He slumbers in the earth below Close your mind, close your eyes In the darkness he will rise Fallen King who dwelt in stone Sleeping still in soil-clad bone Risen soon from earthen bed … Continue reading

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A change in the weather

There was something wrong… something missing from the world as I walked the few paces to the car. I couldn’t put my finger on it at all, but I was very clear on the essential fact. There was something … … Continue reading

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Otherwise occupied…

After the great deflating tyre adventure that we’d had on our trip to Scotland and the Hebrides. I really wanted to get the currently deflating tyre changed before leaving for the monthly meeting in the north. My one day off … Continue reading

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Pink Sky Won’t Lie ~ Na’ama Yehuda #writephoto

There it was. Now she knew what would certainly happen. It did not matter that the calendar had counted down the days for many weeks. It did not matter that arrangements have been made, checklists marked, letters sent, particulars organized. … Continue reading

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Rain #midnighthaiku

* Gardens out of bounds Rain that stops play makes them glow Loving paradox *

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Walking the dog

  Do they worry, I wonder, lost in the rain, Relentless thoughts that batter the brain With rods of steel? Do they see the river that falls from the sky Red with the stop lights of cars going by In … Continue reading

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A frosty dawn! ~ Carol Anne #writephoto

* a frosty dawn as the frost melts away I walk outside Look around * Continue reading at Therapy Bits

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Clouds #midnighthaiku

* Stormy skies darken Nature’s chiaroscuro Shadowing promise *

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There isn’t much snowfall ~ Marilyn Armstrong #writephoto

It had been warm for most of December and the bulk of January. Warm enough to find myself picking ticks off my dogs. In January when I normally don’t have to worry about ticks and fleas and other noxious bugs … Continue reading

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