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The Gift… Stuart France #writephoto

It is possible to box almost anything. Thoughts… Ideas… Emotions… In this way a whole life may be compartmentalised into secure, bounded segments of much more manageable proportions. Bite sized pieces. Or even, ‘shots’. As everybody knows it is even … Continue reading

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The Human Race – Reena #writephoto

For how many centuries have I been condemned to guard this golden box? The surrounding trees keep changing color, in line with the contents in the box. The glass pole has a gift trapped inside, accessible only to the Perfect … Continue reading

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Christmas Photo Prompt – Ann WJ White #writephoto

The shine of a Christmas tree in the boughs decorated with shiny balls and silvery lights lit the child’s face as nothing had done before. Chilly temperatures in the house made seeing a tree inside a logical thing, as the … Continue reading

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One Dark Night – Guest Post…

Originally posted on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog:
Evening seeped into the streets with the persistent rain. By four-thirty, we’d drawn the blackout curtains tight. The grey world outside, grew darker as night squatted down over the village…

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Microfiction #writephoto: Christmas spirit – Jane Dougherty

A presence hung around the houses full of Christmas glitter. There were so many, but the presence cloaked them all. It was a waiting, wondering presence, and no one noticed it because the times had turned since such things resonated … Continue reading

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Guest Author: Cynthia A. Morgan – A gentle message

Best Seller! Must Read! Page-turner! Wait? How does one define precisely what these are when, to coin the over-utilized phrase, “Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder”?  What makes a book something you cannot put down; what compels readers … Continue reading

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Moon over Venus – part three

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
Two people stand just ahead of the main group at the edge of a Llyn Carrig Bach, the sacred Druid lake which now lies just off the end of the runway at RAF Valley,…

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Of Ash and Seed – The mound in the dark grove…

“We might have to go back to the hotel…”  I didn’t look around as I was busy following the car in front and anyway, the snowy mountains of the mainland filled the horizon. My companion had been distracted during the … Continue reading

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Ani’s Advent – Upholstered manoeuvres

Dear Santa, Well, it happened. My sofa… it’s gone. I tried to protect it as best I could… occupied the high ground like it says in all the military books. Trouble is, she must have read them too, ’cause while … Continue reading

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Inner Sanctum… Stuart France

* Further vindication of our unscheduled return was granted upon re-entering the chamber. The free standing stone and the facing stone, which were separated by space and shadow, were both now holding the light. The light that some say would … Continue reading

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