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The Colour is Christmas.

Originally posted on Ellenbest24:
Sue Vincents photo prompt press?here?to join in the fun.?Use the image below to create a post on your own blog… poetry, prose, humour… light or dark, whatever you choose, by noon (GMT)??Wednesday 21st December?and link back…

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A Christmas Present #WRITEPHOTO

Originally posted on Haddon Musings:
It was Paloma’s first Christmas when the Enchantress came to visit.  It was a great honor to have her come to our humble home but very frightening.  What could she possibly want with our dear,…

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Thursday photo prompt – Christmas Present – #writephoto The little tree sits neatly on our coffee table. Not a big tree. No lights on it, there not being any convenient electrical…

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9 free Christmas gifts for your blog and your readers!

Another year of blogging is almost over and while we are all caught up with the Christmas spirit, why not give a few useful gifts to your blog this year? These are all things that frustrate me (I have posted … Continue reading

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Nothing of Note – BunKaryudo

Writer’s block? You need a notebook… Not a thing… Not a single thing… As I leaf through the pages, I find myself becoming increasingly alarmed. I can see nothing, not even page numbers. What on earth am I going to … Continue reading

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Of Ash and Seed – Candy-floss dawn

We woke to clear skies…and heavy frost. Our after-dinner walk the night before had seen us wandering the deep, unlit blackness of the shore, watching the colours of the stars in the cloudless night. The temperature had dropped dramatically, so … Continue reading

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Ani’s advent – The horrors Christmas

Dear Santa I got my tree! I was feeling quite pleased with her. Almost ready to forgive the whole sofa debacle… then… * * * * *

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Verily, verily… Stuart France

* The thing is… It is impossible to ‘do’ such sites in one visit. In fact, it is not possible to ‘do’ such sites at all. If anything, they ‘do’ you, if you allow them. As we were about to … Continue reading

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Solitude #midnighthaiku

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