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Fairy Shrine – Hayley R. Hardman #writephoto

  Lucy walked briskly through the woods, letting her dogs run free. This early in the morning the paths were almost empty and Lucy thought how wise people were to stay in bed. She longed to be back in the … Continue reading

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How do I hate Thee…?

Originally posted on Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie:
(With apologies to William Shakespeare, but this rant is long overdue…) Sometimes I hate my PC and the internet so much I want to run screaming from the building and never stop.…

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Askance – Geoff Le Pard #microfiction #writephoto

When do you give up? When do you realise it’s just some trick of the light, something in the imagination that makes you think you’re seeing something when you’re not? Do you keep going back, even when your best friends … Continue reading

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The Mystery House – KL Caley #writephoto

High upon the hillside, past the river and behind the trees. Lies a forgotten house which no-one tends to see. The old folk sometimes remember those who went before. Yet the towns’ folk find the old stories such a bore. … Continue reading

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Culleen in the middle – Lorraine #writephoto

The middle existed to hold the directions together. North, from which Culleen Callawe’en came: cold, deep forests; thick snow; argon mines; pure magic. South: hot and steamy; exotic, erotic dreamscapes. West: farms and peasant farmers; lords and ladies; kingdoms and … Continue reading

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The Old Fish with One Wish – a children’s story

Originally posted on Myths of the Mirror:
pixabay images This is a bedtime story told by one of my Dragon Soul characters, Morgen, to a small boy named Aidan. You must read it in a dramatic voice (lol) and please feel free…

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Mystery – Stuart France #writephoto…

* “You’ll know it,” he said, “by the stone stairs and the hawk’s head over the lintel.” I was expecting a carving, or a painting, or possibly even, an offering, not half a cliff-face… Nevertheless, it had still been a … Continue reading

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Pathway #midnighthaiku

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A load of Bull from Tallis Steelyard

People don’t realise what gifts they have, or what skills they possess. Sometimes they have the ability to do all sorts of things yet they never do them. Obviously I am a person with many capabilities, able to turn my … Continue reading

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Smorgasbord Christmas Party – Guest John W. Howell with A Christmas Story

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