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The Port Naain Philosophical and Debating Society for Ladies of wit and discernment – Tallis Steelyard

As a less poetically inclined gentleman once commented, ‘My memoirs are not my confessions.’ These are sentiments I feel a certain kinship with, the duty of a poet is to draw attention towards that which is worthwhile, not to rub … Continue reading

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Who’s really free –  Fog – #writephoto – Robbie’s inspiration

Who’s really free The sky is dark, coloured an unrelenting grey; Outside it’s damp and foggy, a dismal day; I gaze out of the window, splattered with rain; I stretch – an attempt to ease my physical pain; The lines … Continue reading

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A Midnight Clear – Ailsa Abraham

Not exactly! Bobby’s family ran an old-fashioned farm. They had worried about going out of business but with the renewed interest in animal-welfare and natural products, they were becoming very popular again with customers flocking to their farm shop. Like … Continue reading

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Legends of Windemere Holiday #Sale! 6 #Fantasy eBooks for $2!

Originally posted on Legends of Windemere:
From December 22nd to December 26th (8 AM PST) you can get the first 6 volumes of LEGENDS OF WINDEMERE for $2! Cover Art by Jason Pedersen3D Conversion by Bestt_graphics *This Book Bundle contains…

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Guest Author: Scott Hastie – Threads and meditations

Life collects Life collects, Pools around you. It paints its highlights. Nothing there You can destroy Or begin again. Calm in aquamarine beauty, Barely a hint Of surf’s snowy trim. Today the sea is out But will come again. For … Continue reading

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Teaching Hearts of Christmas

Originally posted on Sun in Gemini:
Each year, in the run-up to Christmas, I look for an article or piece of news that touches my heart so that I can share it on the last working day before the festivities.…

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A golden gift – Seeing the details

We hadn’t paid much attention to the Pattern Stone on our first visit. The concrete replica stands where the original carved stone was once erected, close to the back ‘window’ of Bryn Celli Ddu. Sighting along the top edge of … Continue reading

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Ani’s Advent – Christmas Alphabet

C is for the cheese she’s stashing in the fridge tonight H is for the ham that’s going to make my breakfast right R is for the raisins that I cannot have at all I is for the icing, if … Continue reading

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Renewal – Stuart France

* …Of the Light. Stuart France

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Virginal #midnighthaiku

It is a good many years since I last climbed Ingleborough and that was in springtime, not in snow. The last time I walked its slopes was in winter, a few years ago, the first time I had been out … Continue reading

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