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Sue VincentMister Fox and the Green Man Kindle Edition

What Amazon says

“Foxes, Welch!”
When Special Agent Tommy Welch is called into Tee’s office, he has little idea of the perils of his latest assignment. Accompanied by the sensuous Miss Hunnyfludd, Welch believes he is to investigate an outbreak of mysterious Foxes. Instead Tommy finds himself flung far back in time, to the court of King Arthur, where a Green Knight is about to extend a deadly challenge…

Within the humorous spoof that frames the story, the reader is transported to Camelot to witness the confrontation of Gawain and the Green Knight. Based upon the story that lies deep at the heart of Arthurian lore, the threefold nature of the ancient myth unfolds…

My review

This is a most unusual book which presents three concepts from English mythology in the form of a graphic novel. It was not what I originally expected but I did enjoy this unique idea…

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Having just driven hundreds of  miles of the length and breadth of England, I can confirm that, in spite of any wintry surprises that the weather might yet have in store, as far as the earth is concerned, spring has definitely sprung. I know those roads so well now, that I can asses the progress of the seasons by the flowers that bloom in individual gardens and hedgerows. Amongst the first harbingers of spring  are a drift of snowdrops near Ashbourne in Derbyshire. They are planted on a south-facing slope in the shelter of a wall and, every year, seem to be amongst the very first to bloom. Quite often, their green and white freshness is lost against the last of the snow, while, half a mile away in a north facing copse, another carpet of snowdrops still waits for the first touch of the sun.

By the time these woodland snowdrops are in bloom, there are already great swathes of white across the country, brightening the shadows. The purples and sulphurous yellow of the crocuses come next, and the blue stars of glory-of-the-snow. By the time the daffodils are opening in my village, there are pansies brightening the borders and the earliest blossom is starring dark, leafless branches.

A tree-covered hillside that epitomises the clichéd ‘sea of green’ in summer and which wears deepest mourning through the winter months… now blushes rosily as buds form on bare branches. Leaves unfurl on rose and clematis, fields are beginning to glow with the brilliant yellow of rapeseed and daisies are scattered everywhere.

Fields that have borne the greyish tinge of winter are suddenly fresh and lush, with the unmistakable green of spring. Birds are nesting, and, here and there, the first tiny lambs explore a brand new world.

Home again, I look out at the mud patch of a garden, decimated by drought, snow and a digging dog, still waiting for me to find the strength, time and energy to dig the flower-beds that I miss. Its single flower-bed is bare for the moment. My roses are yet to waken. But, for once, I don’t mind. Beyond it are the fields and trees… and spring is happening. Why worry about a few feet of garden when there is a whole world of life and beauty out there to savour?

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Mine-Sweeper… Stuart France

Wales 053


I entered the ruin to a low hum…

The snug fit of my arms in the portal vectors was no accident.

Once inserted an irreversible chain reaction commenced.

The stone and wood around me shifted into old form:

sleek… modular…

The screen before my face showed a small orange planet, turning in space.

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Soft #midnighthaiku

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A new start ~ Suzanne #writephoto

As the sun rose over the rooftops like a searing ball of flame another day of excessive heat was born.

The couple out for an early morning fitness walk stopped in their tracks and viewed the spectacle.

“I feel so impotent,” said the man.

The woman glanced sharply at him wondering if her long term partner and father of her children was about to reveal some emergent sexual problem.

The man, oblivious to how his words had been misconstrued, continued on: “I mean, what can I do? Out there across the country bushfires are burning out of control while record breaking floods swamp the north east. Millions of fish have died in the extreme weather affecting the inland river systems. Across the world beneficial insects and bees are dying.”

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Thank you, sun ~ Jewel Ingalls #writephoto

I can feel the the wetness forming in the corners of my eyes. My lids scream for me to blink, but all I can do is stare. I welcome the warmth of the rising sun on my face. The rest of my body is covered in goose skin from the contrast of the cool, dawn air. I wonder to myself what he’s thinking. Is he wondering what my decision is? Is he as confused as me? 15 years of co-loving, co-parenting, co-everything. And it could all end right now with this perfect sunrise. How poetic, the night ends and the new day begins. I wish my decision were as easy as the suns decision to rise.

It was his suggestion. “Let’s get away, just the two of us. On a camping trip.” He thought that we could reconnect, “fall back in love.” Three days of hiking then falling asleep to his hands repaying his inflicted pain by massaging away the days knots. Does he really think three back massages can make up for the multiple bruises, both on my skin and my heart? The endless lies to our children and families, the countless tubes of concealer I keep stashed. He’s always his best self after being his worst.

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Unspeakable Beauty ~ Jan Malique

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“To be fully alive is to have an aesthetic perception of life because a major part of the world’s goodness lies in its often unspeakable beauty.”

Yukitaka Yamamoto

96th generation High Priest (Guji) of the Tsubaki Grand Shrine in Mie Prefecture, Japan (Shinto shrine).

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Mermaid up a Mountain ~ Antonia Sara Zenkevitch #writephoto

Dysfunctional polymath, renaissance woman,

Mermaid walking up the great mountain,

The things I was told I can’t but found I can,

We learn to drink from our own fountain,

I have faith and I have faith in science

But don’t believe either is always objective

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This being the case,

it might well be worthwhile experimenting

with some of these letters.


In the first instance we can visualise

the letters Heh and Yod

shortly before retiring to bed.


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New ~ Sisyphus #writephoto


Overwhelmed by sorrow, he called for his guardian angel. She came at once, and took him to the cliff to watch the sunset, just the two of them. All at once calmed, reassured, he looked up to her smiling face: then she said: “I know, you feel lonely, but in truth you are lucky, you had more love than most mortals, and maybe you did not always deserve it…”

“Now is time for you to give grace, for your life, for the children you were given, for this sunrise… And for me to come to you, as I saw your distress.”

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