Notes from a small dog: The dotted line…

I am an animal. Therefore, I am not sentient…

I have no emotions.

I do not feel happiness…

… joy…

… or fear.

I have no curiosity, because I am not a sentient being.

I have no understanding of the finer emotions, like gentleness, or sharing.

No understanding of wonder, excitement…

…or hope.

I do not suffer when I am ill.

I need no comforting…

I cannot laugh…

…or be bored…

…and I have no sense of humour.

I feel no guilt…because I am not conscious of wrongdoing…

…and I cannot feel love.

My two-legs disagrees.

Under the current EU laws, animal sentience, and the existence of their feelings, is recognised and must be taken into full account as new laws and rulings are passed.

The UK government have quietly voted to exclude animal sentience from the laws being passed to define our nation as we leave the EU. Although the Animal Welfare Act of 2006 does offer some protection to domestic animals, it does not mention animal sentience, nor does it protect wild animals or those in laboratories from abuse..

There are many things wrong in the world today, affecting every level of society. Animals have only the voice we give them and humans are animals too.

There are a number of petitions being run to request the UK government to reconsider this decision. You can find one here on the 38 Degrees website.

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Given III… Stuart France


“The problem with ‘religious art’ is that whenever you start to enthuse about it people put you down as ‘God Squad’.”

“And then impose their own conception of ‘God’ on you.”

“Which is usually a hideously naive one.”

“I’d be happier with ‘Spirit Squad’.”

“‘The spirit moves where it listeth’.”

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Watch #midnighthaiku

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Haven – pensitivity – #writephoto

It was an old farmhouse, nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary.
It was tucked away at the end of a narrow lane surrounded by sycamore trees that had shed their leaves and were stark against the fiery sky.
The victorian lantern shone a welcoming beacon to the tired and bedraggled group as they approached.
Theirs had been a long and arduous journey but thoughts of safe haven had kept them mobile. The strongest had helped the weakest, and miraculously, all fifteen had made it this far.

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#writephoto – Sunset – Helen Jones

He liked to leave the house at sunset. Once the lamps had been lit, the dying sun painting licks of fire against the clouds. It hurt, to be outside at such a time, but it was worth it, to feel his soul twist and open against the beauty of the world, a reminder of something he could no longer have.

He remembered hours spent lying under blue skies, golden sun warming his skin. Lazy summer days drifting on rivers, nursing a beer in a pub garden, the sweet-sour taste on his tongue. The way the ocean shifted hue with the sky, the bright green of sunlight through leaves, the miraculous coloured arc of a rainbow.

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Haven – Sarah Brentyn #writephoto

“No, no. That’s east. I’m sure of it.” Angela looked back at the three strangers she’d managed to pick up along her travels.

The tall, ginger-haired boy tilted his head. “I think that’s west.”

“North,” the little girl toddled up next to him. “South!”

Ginger-hair sidestepped the girl, giving Angela a look. “Why did we bring her?”

Skinny girl punched his arm, “Shit, she’s a baby. We couldn’t leave her. What’s wrong with you?”

Ginger-hair rubbed his arm then shrugged, “Kids are sticky and loud.”

“Okay,” Angela took a breath, blowing it out loudly. “Enough. We go that way. With the little girl.”

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What remains…

A perfect day ends

Delicately cradled close

Against memory

Forgetting is too easy

Released, only gold remains



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