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North-easterly: Sidetracked by Poppies…

We had arrived in the north, checked in at our accommodation, and, after a coffee, as we still had a couple of hours to spare before we were all to meet, we decided to stretch our legs and explore a … Continue reading

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“They do not hate…”

But they who love the greater love Lay down their life; they do not hate Wilfred Owen Wilfred Owen was killed in action, aged 25, 4th November 1918, just a week before the war would end.  

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For some reason, the image moved me to tears. The ninety-four year old monarch standing, black-clad, alone and in silent respect, beside the tomb of a man buried six years before her birth on the centenary of his committal to … Continue reading

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The man without a face

I wrote this several years ago now. In some ways, it feels wrong to repost it… as if by doing so I am not giving enough for what has been given. And yet, this man has stayed with me for … Continue reading

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The human cost #Remembrance

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, one hundred years ago, the Armistice came into effect and the guns fell silent after four years of horror. The Great War, the ‘war to end all wars’, … Continue reading

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Trampled where they fell, the dead and dying, Mud and blood tainting each final breath, Their cries unheard, unheeded by the guns, Made one with sacred earth blasphemed by death. Shells crack and cackle, ‘necessary evil’, A whispered ‘Mother!’ lost … Continue reading

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Words of war for peace…

“Lest we forget”

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I was born into an era when fear and relief played equal roles in the minds of many. Fourteen years of wartime rationing had only ended a few years before and the memories of that bloody conflict were still fresh … Continue reading

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The Derwent Valley

The car once more full to bursting, ready for the long drive south, and my companions either back at work or heading for the airport, I went to collect Nick from the hostel, ready for a morning in the hills. … Continue reading

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Times past

The unmistakable sound was a bit distracting. I’m no expert on steam trains… though I used to know a good deal about them, having listened to my younger brother for hours, but I  remember them… and that rhythm of wheels … Continue reading

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