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Building a castle of dreams…

My younger son called to tell me he was off work, if I wanted to bob round. He has taken a few days off to look after the girls and their Mum, who is recovering from surgery. “You can come … Continue reading

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Guest author: Marilyn Armstrong – Worms in the fridge

My house was neat enough if you didn’t look too closely. You could walk into it without falling over a pile of dirty clothing (that was all in the basement — another story entirely) and the dogs and cats were  … Continue reading

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Elusive realities: Robbie Cheadle – The boy with nine lives

On 30 January 2006, my son, Michael, was born. He was a very healthy baby, with a tiny wizen face, just like a little old man. His APGAR score was 10 out of 10 and he didn’t need to go … Continue reading

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Town and country sunrise…

“I can’t remember ever actually watching a dawn,” said my son in a plaintive little voice.  He had been looking at some of my dawn photos, taken that morning from my doorstep. He has seen plenty of dawns… but most … Continue reading

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The walking dead…

We had been engaged in one of those long existential debates, discussing life, death and the possibilities of what might come before and after. The debate had gone on for some time, discussion had gone deep and we had covered … Continue reading

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So it’s eight o’clock on a morning and you’re perched on the end of the eldest son’s bed while the lazy toad has you wait on him hand and foot, discussing the merits of beard oil, the latest blog post … Continue reading

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All in the feeling

“You may be pleased to know that the professional confirmed most of what you had said.” His words took me aback… it sounded suspiciously like… “You’re saying I was right?” It is almost unheard of for my son to compliment … Continue reading

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The Road Home – Bernadette #Writephoto

GOLDEN DAWN I got the telephone call on a day that the whole country had been thrown into confusion.  Mom, please come get me.  I want to come home. The horror that hit the country caused all flights to be … Continue reading

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Music to my ears

“Come down at one,” said my son. “Make it eleven,” he said on the phone that evening. “As close to eight as you can,” said the text that woke me in the middle of the night. “Zzzz,” said my son … Continue reading

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Melting point – #WQWWC

It was already hot, only dawn and I’m melting The sun in the heavens is already pelting I want to crawl into the fridge to keep cool I am staying indoors, I am nobody’s fool. * But in that I … Continue reading

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