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Elemental #midnighthaiku

Momentary grace Witnessing the birth of day Earth and air embrace Born of the same source Expressing divinity They remain themselves

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Of Ceremony and Symbol… Stuart France

* First Man had many wives among the Animal People. The sacred beast, bird or reptile was treated with reverence and as totem was carried to ensure guardianship of the spirits. * The two fundamental ceremonies of universal application are … Continue reading

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Alchemic Interlude ~ Running Elk

Reblogged from Stepping Stones: Stumbled on this looking for something yet unfound. (If any of you spotted me placing a small, “Basildon Blue” envelope full of photographs into an unusual nook, please let me know!) Anyway. It’s something. It’s nothing. … Continue reading

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A Thousand Miles of History XXXII: The Chapel in the Grove…

A ruined chapel stands in a tiny clearing, sheltered and roofed by the trees that cluster close to its walls as if to offer it protection. The walls still guard the interior from view and a single doorway in the … Continue reading

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The one that got away…

I am looking forward to April. Not just because it might have stopped raining and warmed up a bit by then, but because I have a feeling we have come to the notice of the water deities through our research … Continue reading

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Spirit #midnighthaiku

Ebb and flow of flame Earth embraces the heavens Breath of life is love

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Water #midnighthaiku

Rising from the mist Life finds its perfect vessel Form and force as one

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Air #midnighthaiku

  Summer breeze whispers Each breath a benediction Shared with every life  

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Earth #midnighthaiku

Encased in darkness Held within the womb of earth Light flowers blossom

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Fire #midnighthaiku

Summer and winter The elements will provide Flames to warm the heart

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