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Going West: A Field of Peace

We gathered by Whitesands beach, just outside St David’s in Pembrokeshire… a small group of people from all walks of life, putting aside the cares and pressures of the daily grind to explore the sacred landscape of Wales. A time … Continue reading

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Dear Wen: ‘lunatic fringe’…

Dear Wen, Ah, I have it… It was dusk. I even have some photographs, taken during our brief sojourn, of the moon. Perhaps then, it is a sort of ‘Moon Madness’ from the lunatic fringe of the moor, as it … Continue reading

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Masks of Sod

* …For those of you who have not yet realised, the preceding monographs have followed, relatively closely, the lines laid out by the Danish Philosopher, Soren Kierkegaard, in his master-work, ‘Fear and Trembling’. Quite apart from his unquestionble literary genius … Continue reading

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Walking the line…

“… so fear was originally there to help us survive.” “Yep… and with not many sabre-tooth tigers roaming the suburbs, we found other things to fear. And fear is intimately linked to how we judge people.” “How so?” It was … Continue reading

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Glow #midnighthaiku

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