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Going West: Carreg Coetan Arthur

This was the third dolmen we had visited in three days whose name tied it to the legendary King Arthur… and three times three is a magical number. It is certainly a magical site and quite unexpected as you walk … Continue reading

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Structures of the Soul… Stuart France

* … We should not be surprised to find distinctly ‘Freudian’ concepts under the surface of this set-up. * Freud’s ‘Oedipal Complex’, after all, was derived from a Greek Tragic Play current in the Fifth Century BC. * George is … Continue reading

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Dear Don: Old Moore’s…

Dear Don, I suppose it was a case of ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ on a grand scale… which almost always leads to going with ‘bigger and better’…or at least a mistaken perception of it… I thought you might have … Continue reading

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Two journeys, one destination (2) – Inverness

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
It begins in Inverness, that beautiful confluence of water, road and mountain. Like any journey through northern Scotland, it will be dominated by water… The year 2020 will be etched in all our memories.…

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Open #midnighthaiku

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