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Going West: A ‘Misty, Moisty Morning’

We had enjoyed two glorious days of sunshine in Pembrokeshire. Drawing back the curtains of a room that had boasted a clear view of the sea the night before, it seemed that the morning would bring us a different view … Continue reading

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Freezing Brass Castles…

* ‘A fleet hoofed horse moves swift as quick wit’ – Old English Proverb * …’ After spiriting George away from his mother’s side, Kalyb, the fell enchantress tended to him as the apple of her eye, and appointed twelve … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Jane Dougherty Writes:
Threads loop about the cooling drying stalks,wreathed in rain-spangled spider webfrom thistle head to oak summit. They tie me to the stray that stalksand perches on the windowsill nights,looking in. Threads pull skeins of…

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