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Fire, Scythes and Superstition: the Medieval Harvest ~ Alli Templeton

Reblogged from Medieval Wanderings: Despite so many aspects of life virtually grinding to a halt this year, one thing I have observed advancing unaffected over these past six months is the growing crops. From vast expanses of golden wheat to … Continue reading

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Patterns of cloud ~ Aishwarya #writephoto

Patterns of cloud, Arrange, rearrange, Hurriedly, Offhandedly, Conspiring, Murmuring, Continue reading at Kitty’s Verses

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Going West: Mountain Road

We were fed and watered… very well-fed, in fact after a home-cooked Welsh breakfast at the Mid-Wales Inn… and on the road early. The weather was finally dry, the sun attempting to peep through the clouds… and there was the … Continue reading

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Middle of Nowhere…

After much to-ing and fro-ing of furniture… We had finally embarked upon our pre-tour of Wales and were approaching the border of our eventual destination although it would be some time before our actual arrival there… Road and more road… … Continue reading

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Serenity ~Trent P. McDonald #writephoto

It was one of those blue days.  The sky hung low, the clouds wafted off of the perfectly smooth ocean, half masking the ghost of a sun. It fitted Matt’s mood perfectly. Yes, calm, almost serene, yet blue. Why do … Continue reading

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Dear Don: Cygnus

Dear Don, Mea culpa, I couldn’t help myself. You know what I’m like, being a Virgo and all… I had to look up the official etymology of ‘road’. Not, I will grant you, that ‘official’ necessarily means ‘correct’… or even … Continue reading

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Serenity ~ Keith Hillman #writephoto

She sits and stares unfocused eyes swimming to the horizon Gazing into infinity .   No sign of tears Her expressionless face an empty canvas A sea of pallor Continue reading at Keith’s Ramblings

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Guest Author: D. Wallace Peach ~ Liars and Thieves, a new release!

Liars and Thieves Unravelling the Veil Book One D. Wallace Peach Behind the Veil, the hordes gather, eager to savage the world. But Kalann il Drakk, First of Chaos, is untroubled by the shimmering wall that holds his beasts at … Continue reading

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Serenity ~ Lady Lee #writephoto

A blue lit landscape Water mirrors the sky Like a sculpted shadow And so gracefully framed Cinders and afterglow A blue lit landscape Continue reading at Lady Lee Manila

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Fading #midnighthaiku

Winds of change bring rain Beauty’s presence loses face Rose petals falling *

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