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Out of Time… by Jaye Marie #MysteryThriller

Reblogged from Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie: Excerpt from Out of Time… Kate sat at the table in the Vestry with her head in her hands. She couldn’t believe Jack had found her again, in spite of all the Snowman’s … Continue reading

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Shattered Serenity ~ Mason Bushell #writephoto

Neath icy blue skies the morning tide laps against the rocky shore. The last rays of the silvery moon reflect in the waters. A calm serenity of nature if ever there was one. And yet the rippling waves bring with … Continue reading

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Going West: Going to the Devil

At the end of the mountain road we had taken lies a small community clinging to the sides of the gorge above the River Rheidol. Pontarfynach, though, is named for the Afon Mynach, one of its tributaries, that tumbles, roars … Continue reading

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Dear Wen: ‘Old-Man-Young’…

Dear Wen One really cannot expect the authorities to know aught of these things, they lack imagination and insight. It strikes me that the ‘Stepping Stones’ and the ‘Sleeping Giant’ weekend may also have been the occasion of ‘Young James’? … Continue reading

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Morning ~ Christine Bialczak #writephoto

Blue skies illuminated Clouds covering the sun Morning begins early Quiet land waits peacefully A new day begins Reblogged from Stine Writing

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Names Matter… Stuart France

“What’s your name? Why, it’s pudding and tame. And if you ask me again I’ll tell you the same.” Children’s Rhyme. Once there were a woman and she baked five pies. When they came out of the oven they was … Continue reading

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Segue ~ Reena Saxena #writephoto

observe churning within -all that takes me across ice blue coolness of horizons -segue Reblogged from Reena Saxena

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“Religion is a matter of diet. You must choose what suits your spiritual digestion, I suppose.” Naomi Jacob, ‘Four Generations’. Growing up, I loved the stories that Naomi Jacob wrote about the Gollantz family. I am not Jewish, though some … Continue reading

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Blue Cures Blue ~ Anisha #writephoto

once in a blue moon sadness burdens to harass freaking aches of heart demented brain dithers seized in between the demon and the deep blue sea Continue reading at Crazy Nerds

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Magical ~ Nick Verron #midnighthaiku

Another haiku from my son… Life will come and go Beauty is independent All is magical * (~ Nick Verron)

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