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The Path of the Pyramids: Keeping a Promise to a Dragon and a Stone Part 2

Originally posted on The Light Behind the Story:
A little pyramidal cave in the rocks There were at least as many pyramids as there were hearts along the journey that led us to one particular stone pyramid at the crown…

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Going West: Walking with Angels

We didn’t have to climb the whole height of the mountain; there is a makeshift car park about halfway up. I was glad of that, as my poor, much abused feet were not happy. I spend much of my life … Continue reading

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Dear Don: Heaven ‘n’ Earth…

Dear Don, The more you look back, the more you see of the origins of so many of our traditions and mythologies… all rooted in the same, very human, questions. I like ‘enchanting the mind’. I wonder if our desire … Continue reading

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Escape from Tomorrow ~ Machu Picchu

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Falling back into the past is easier these days. I close my eyes, search a memory and watch possibilities swim around in my mind. There is a sense of freedom with this escape, many…

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Fate of the Lir-Brood: Devra…

* Come, brothers three, accost the coast And welcome Lir’s resplendent host Such woeful welcome from a fateful morn Will never bring to him bright morrow Unhappy sire, doomed, forlorn Left ever to mourn in hopeless sorrow. * …Eva arrived … Continue reading

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Field of dreams..?

Long, long ago, when the world was still young and I was younger still, I moved into a house with a garden. It wasn’t much of a garden, long-deserted, overgrown and gone to seed, but my mind painted it in … Continue reading

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Seductress #midnighthaiku

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