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The orphans ~ Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Jim Webster, aka Tallis Steelyard: I rarely despair of Port Naain. After all, who wants a gloomy poet? There is a school of thought which suggests we are merely a better class of buffoon. Between ourselves and in … Continue reading

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Offerings ~ Christine Bolton #writephoto

A special place of calming energy Rocks smooth to the touch Warm and comforting His presence felt here More than a hundred times they had sat in peaceful silence but for the birds and sounds of nature Continue reading at  … Continue reading

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Going West: Deep Magic…

I’d seen the name when I’d planned the route… though ‘planned’ may be stretching things a bit far; I had a vague idea and my companion had a map. From Kilpeck to Rhyader, somewhere near which we would find our … Continue reading

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Dear Don: Stepping Stones…

Dear Don, Now, I know we do a fairly good job of it, as a rule, but we can’t blame the Romans for everything… Although they might be to blame, inadvertently, for this. I can probably make a good enough … Continue reading

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In the Secret Place ~ Annette Kalandros #writephoto

I hid them carefully, The tokens left In the forest keep Of dreams sheltered Far too long from mists, Continue reading at Hearing The Mermaids Sing

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Revenge of King Sporad ~ What If We All Cared #writephoto

Nothing quite impressive about simple fungus.. But feathers having fallen so hidden in the crevice high in the tree, a token of the spiralling descent of their once private land, set off a unimagined set of events. This land was … Continue reading

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Child of light Dance to the wish of your heart Stars bloom for you The universe plays A sacred rhapsody And peace flowers In gentle song

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Token ~ S. S. #writephoto

drawing me into an illusion of real life ~ your photograph Continue reading at Mindfills

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Fly #midnighthaiku

Caught in confinement Longing for open spaces Memory takes flight *

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