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“Religion is a matter of diet. You must choose what suits your spiritual digestion, I suppose.” Naomi Jacob, ‘Four Generations’. Growing up, I loved the stories that Naomi Jacob wrote about the Gollantz family. I am not Jewish, though some … Continue reading

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Hard Edges Cage imposed Limiting form Counting syllables Seeking conformity Obedient to dictates Narrowing the field of vision To engender uniformity The bias of judgement obeys its rules Railing against apparent constriction Forgetting existence is defined Necessary separation Failing to … Continue reading

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A link in the chain

“… and one of these days you will know a world in which I no longer exist.” “I don’t know that I can imagine that.” “Possibly not. I have always been part of your world. Before you were born, you … Continue reading

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#writephoto : Whatever Floats Your Boat – This, That, and The Other

“It sort of reminds me of a sphinx,” Dora said looking up at the cloud partially blocking the setting sun. “To me it looks like a merry-go-round horse,” Alicia replied. “Yeah, I can see that,” Dora said. Then wistfully, she … Continue reading

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When I Die, You Will Cease to Exist – This, That, and The Other

Reblogged from This, That and the Other: I am not a solipsist. I am not a what? What the hell is a solipsist? According to the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, solipsism is a doctrine that, in principle, my existence is … Continue reading

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