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Dark Clouds ~ Balroop Singh #writephoto

When dark clouds gather around the horizon When they are summoned by a sunny moor When sunshine subsides willingly It is time for nostalgia… Memories arrive within moments Paper boats float all around, Even before the first drop falls Musical … Continue reading

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Tranquility – Find your Peace ~ Glen Rogers

Reblogged from Art & Sacred Sites: Imagine yourself in this landscape – enjoying the night time stillness at water’s edge, full moon shining. Breathe in and experience your inner peace. “Bird with Moon”, Monoprint, 7″ x 5″ During these strange … Continue reading

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Pellucid waters Where mountain stream meets the sea Flow in harmony Essence and identity Melding on a tranquil shore * For Colleen’s poetry challenge  

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Tranquil ~ Di #writephoto

The pollutants in the water give the surrounding foliage a mystical glow. Who has ever heard of purple sands and violet trees with their indigo branches and orchid mauve leaves? All the colours of purple are apparent here, the softness … Continue reading

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Calm ~ Balroop Singh #writephoto

Far away From the humdrum of life Is the land we hold sacrosanct The land of tranquility Where melodies of nature calm Reflections gather and glimmer Dreams bounce with joy Mother Nature’s sanity speaks Continue reading at Emotional Shadows

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The Journey of the Fool

Some ideas simply arrive fully formulated, coming out of nowhere, with no clues, no warning, and the first thing you know about them is when they come out of your mouth. Such was the whole stepping stones scenario. “Blindfolded.” Inside … Continue reading

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