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Calm ~ Balroop Singh #writephoto

Far away From the humdrum of life Is the land we hold sacrosanct The land of tranquility Where melodies of nature calm Reflections gather and glimmer Dreams bounce with joy Mother Nature’s sanity speaks Continue reading at Emotional Shadows

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Magical fall ~ Balroop Singh #writephoo

Sue Vincent’s photo prompt Nature nurtures my muse Who sits by this waterfall Soaking in the surreal wonders Spellbound by heavenly hues She treads on emerald rocks To admire crimson leaves To swing on bare branches Her words swirl around … Continue reading

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Signs – #Writephoto – Balroop Singh

That moment… When signs transform into reality When acceptance seems sole support When togetherness comes with a caveat. That moment… When we miss the signs of love Neglect, indifference, brutality Combined with weird wangle, Continue reading: Signs – #Writephoto – … Continue reading

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Ephemera #midnighthaiku

Sweet summer morning Fragrant with present promise Ephemeral dreams Ephemeral dreams Fragile as a butterfly Magical moments Magical moments Flutter in and out of life Sweet summer morning

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