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Rescued #midnighthaiku

Nameless roses glow Delicate petals flourish Love nourishes life There is little in my garden as yet, just a few rehomed ‘weeds’ to attract butterflies and bees and a handful of ‘patio’ roses, rescued from the condemned pile at a … Continue reading

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Small change…

I had been called to my younger son’s home on a matter of vital importance… almost a mission of mercy; I had to teach him the innermost secrets of baking my lemon meringue pie. It had been too long since … Continue reading

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Through a child’s eyes…

I love Lady’s Mantle… Alchemilla mollis… the soft little alchemist. The shape and gentle shade of the downy leaves and the pale froth of yellow-green flowers. It is a lovely thing in my eyes. Yet it is not till the … Continue reading

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Pond life

The past week or so has seen me messing about in ponds every day, which is odd, as I don’t have a pond. My son, however, does and, like the rest of his garden, that has been largely my domain … Continue reading

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Endless Love ~ Anneberly Andrews #writephoto

In the midst of these circumstances I mourn In the midst of these circumstances I’m reborn Heavy like the downpour of rain But light enough to ease the pain Continue reading at Anneberly Andrews

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Princess needed! ~ Barb Taub #Scotland

Reblogged from Barb Taub: We were supposed to be auditioning a piano in Crieff, but there was this charming high street… Full of beautiful shops (Gordon & Durward Confectionery Shop, Crieff) And stunning art (Strathearn Gallery, Crief) Of course, all … Continue reading

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Worlds Within Worlds – Sue Dreamwalker

Reblogged from Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary: The Woman watched the ant struggling as her fork disturbed the soil where she had been clearing weeds. The unseen world that lived beneath the earth which was oblivious to the human world suddenly awoke, as … Continue reading

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Busy doing nothing…

Half ten at night and I still don’t have a post ready for morning. I’ve been sitting at the desk for far too long, with minor excursions to feed me, the fish and the dog… not necessarily in that order… … Continue reading

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Murder most fowl…?

The sun rose, casting a rose-gold glow across a frozen world. I watched the daily miracle soften the sky, grateful that my home faces east that every day brings a reminder of renwa, and every dawn reminds me that now … Continue reading

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Gardeners #midnighthaiku

White-misted morning A landscape bare of colour Wears flying jewels On budding branches Small voices sing a paean Hopeful of bounty

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