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Wildflower #midnighthaiku

Man seeks mastery Nature laughs and sows her seeds Beauty blooms unchecked *

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Forlorn hope…

“It’s a good day for life,” said my son, as I helped him across the garden to look at the emerging buds on his acer. He was right… the sun, for once, had shone all morning, making working in the … Continue reading

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Unseasonable weather?

The primulas, I can understand. For all their delicate beauty, they are hardy little souls and are happy to flower in winter, even poking their petals through the snow. But, for the rest of my son’s newly planted garden, there … Continue reading

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November… all long, dark nights and frozen days. Or, if you are in my son’s garden, all light and colour. Even clouds of midges over the pond… It is not exactly what you would expect for this time of year, … Continue reading

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After the rain…

We seem to have had nothing but torrential rain here for weeks. Not a day has gone by without the heavens opening at some point… not even on days that have begun with frost. But, on the first morning that … Continue reading

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From weeds to wildflowers…

When my son’s old driveway was constructed, no-one thought to lay a weed membrane beneath it. Consequently, when a nice crop of weeds grew between the blocks I, as the designated gardener, had to tackle the things. I won’t use … Continue reading

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The Small Dog and the Visitor

“Oh, writer, you had better come,” The Small Dog whispered low, “There’s something going on out there, I think you ought to know.” She sounded quite unhappy, “…Be as quiet as a mouse, We’ve got prospective tenants Looking at the … Continue reading

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Up close…

The phone rang. It was getting late and only one person is likely to call me at that time, so it was no surprise to hear my son’s voice. What was surprising, though, was the tone of the voice that … Continue reading

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Back to the future? …

When I left for the north, my son’s garden was already being stripped back to basics. I was curious to see what might have been done by the time I got back. It had all looked fine before the work … Continue reading

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Rescued #midnighthaiku

Nameless roses glow Delicate petals flourish Love nourishes life There is little in my garden as yet, just a few rehomed ‘weeds’ to attract butterflies and bees and a handful of ‘patio’ roses, rescued from the condemned pile at a … Continue reading

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