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‘Thy Will’… Stuart France

* When, ‘me and mine’ And never, ‘thine’ Is the mantra. Then Nature, shall be… Unkind. Count Jack Black Reblogged from Stuart France

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Calling ~ Joe M #writephoto

curtains of falling snow blankets of fallen snow signal for sleep Reblogged from Does Writing Excuse Watching?  

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Guest author: Jaye Marie ~ Silent Payback: A new release!

SILENT PAYBACK by Jaye Marie is now available via Amazon Excerpt from Silent Payback: David This was my cue to lay all my cards on the table, spill the beans or come clean, but whatever I called it, my mouth … Continue reading

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Mano a Mano ~ Annette Rochelle Aben #writephoto

I’m watching you, just like you watch me. You place yourself in strategic spots amongst the trees, dressed in clothes to help you blend in so I won’t notice. But I do notice. Of course, my being aware has come … Continue reading

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The Opening

Originally posted on Sun in Gemini:
I know the words The long-learned words With which this view is framed These slats of wood I crafted round The Opening… ➰ Yet there it lies, unshut before me The rawness of the…

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Calling ~ Di #writephoto

I can see him, staring back at me through the trees. It’s cold and damp, but he is watching, proud, alert and arrogant. The snow blurs my vision, but the shape is unmistakable. Continue reading at pensitivity101

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Accelerated evolution

Spiritual growth is a journey unique to each one of us and taken whether we will or no. It is a natural evolution against which we may fight, actively resisting change or more usually with apathy and inertia. Or we … Continue reading

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Fading ~ Na’ama Yehuda #writephoto

They didn’t tell him he’d be seeing things. They didn’t tell him how cold he’d be, or how alone, or how desperately he’d miss even the smallest comforts. Like a hue that wasn’t on the scale of dirty-white to sort-of-gray. … Continue reading

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Fantasy #midnighthaiku

* Castles in the air Darkness filled with hopes and dreams Shadows know their name *  

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