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A New Book Review for Garrett’s Bones ~ Karen DeMers Dowdall

Reblogged from Once Upon a Time: “Garrett’s Bones” by Karen Demers Dowdall caught my attention immediately and drew me into this story focused on two teenagers and a murder mystery. The narrator, the young lady, is clearly established and completely … Continue reading

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Dive In! ~ Jen Goldie #writephoto

“It looks like a face.” “It is, it’s the face of a cliff. More people have died jumping off of that face than anywhere else on this world.” “I don’t like this place. Maybe we should go.” “Go where? There’s … Continue reading

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One for the birds ~ Tallis Steelyard

From Jim Webster, aka Tallis Steelyard: This tale was recounted to me by somebody who knew Maljie in her early years. Such people are few and far between nowadays and tend not to wax garrulous on her past. Still, it … Continue reading

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Yellow sky sun ~ Kerfe Roig #writephoto

  Continue reading at K- Lines that Aim to Be

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Beside Me ~ Rebecca Cutler #writephoto

Sitting peacefully overlooking the grandeur; The sun glistening off the stillness the vastness of the sea, contemplation of my life, pondering over where I’ve been, where I am now, and where I want to be… Continue reading at Beckie’s Mental … Continue reading

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Writing what you know?

We are always told that we should write what we know. To an extent, that is true, but those who are writing murder mysteries, for example, are hardly likely to start poisoning/bludgeoning/shooting their nearest and dearest in the name of … Continue reading

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Priceless Stillness ~ Deborah #writephoto

deep in the stillness there, priceless fortune is found without these riches Continue reading at A Wise Woman’s Journey

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Mindful #midnighthaiku

* Brief flash of beauty On the borders of each day Mindful horizon *

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