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In focus ~ one from the archives

My son gave me a pink stress ball . An entirely appropriate gift from him…  The gel-like stuff is translucent, textured like an orange and looks almost edible. I admit it has a certain addictive quality as I sit and … Continue reading

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Calling ~ Willow Willers #writephoto

It had been five weeks since that day. The battle had been long and bloody. There had been but a moment’s warning, the Vampires had masked their arrival and Alicia and Lisa had only felt their presence seconds before their … Continue reading

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Hunting ~ Michele Jones#writephoto

Ewdin waited for days in his tree stand and this is the first stag he’d seen. He took aim and fired. One shot and the stag went to the ground. He jumped down from the tree and walked over. You’ll … Continue reading

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Facing Fear With The Silent Eye, Part 8 – Weird

Helen Jones I recently attended a workshop with The Silent Eye about Facing Our Fears, an extraordinary weekend spent among the hills and grey stone villages of the Peak District. It’s taken me a little while, as it usually does, … Continue reading

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The hermeneutic Catherine wheel ~ Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Jim Webster, aka Tallis Steelyard: Strangely enough Maljie features only sparingly in this tale, although there are those who claim that the whole thing was her fault. Still I know from mine own experience that blame is far … Continue reading

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Ancient and Modern…

* From a physiological perspective it is at least possible, that waking consciousness is merely a phenomena of release from the higher-state of dream consciousness. * Continue reading at France and Vincent

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A matter of time…

I watched the sun go down tonight from the roadside. For once, the camera had not come with me… I was just driving to the shop and didn’t pick it up. Even so, I cursed myself for leaving the camera … Continue reading

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Shadows #midnighthaiku

* Day goes down in flames Dark passions burn away light The shadows remain *

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