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From the archives ~ Burrow Mump

It is a while since we visited Burrow Mump, not far from Glastonbury. I had driven past with a friend and almost took the car into the hedge at the surprise of this ruin-topped hill looming up out of the … Continue reading

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Unquenched ~ Reena Saxena #writephoto

embroidered memories of nurtured illusions innocent doe-eyes were just that Continue reading at Reena Saxena

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Guest author: Roberta Eaton Cheadle ~ The Vikings in York: Ivar the Boneless

Ivar the Boneless Ivar the Boneless, also known as Ivar Ragnarsson, was the Viking leader who captured York in AD 866 and called the city Jorvik. According to Norse legend, Ivar the Boneless was born “without any bones at all.” … Continue reading

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The Hart ~ Jen Goldie #writephoto

The Hart stood stalk still I returned his searching gaze His dark eyes calling Reblogged from Starlight and Moonbeams

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Emotional Beats Wins Second Award

Originally posted on Nicholas C. Rossis:
I was just notified that my emotional thesaurus book, Emotional Beats: How to Easily Convert your Writing into Palpable Feelings, has been selected as a FINALIST in the TopShelf Book Awards! Emotional Beats: How…

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A New You? …

* …How do we recognise the start of this process? * We feel ourselves differently. * Ordinarily we dwell in a habitual reality, which is largely peculiar to each of us. * Continue reading at France and Vincent

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Calling ~ Cheryl #writephoto

No sounds except the snow softly landing on my shoulder. I catch a glimpse of the frozen star shapes gone too quickly on my vest As I stumble upon a beautiful creature I’m sure he’s watching me, wondering if I’ll … Continue reading

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Dark Magic Enchanting The noonday sky Casting its shadow Upon the minds of men The known becomes the unknown Primal emotion seeping through Cracks civilisation’s illusions Constants hidden and thrown into question Despite itself logic loses control Great Nature reminds … Continue reading

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A Kindred Spirit ~ Regina Davis-Sowers #writephoto

As I stumbled in the snow, trying to find my way back to the car, I chanced upon a large male deer with a beautiful rack of antlers. He appeared first as a specter in the snow, and I was … Continue reading

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Shaped #midnighthaiku

* Shaped by wind and time Fantasies in living stone Haunting memory *

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