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Living #midnighthaiku

* Recapturing joy Remembering beginnings Living the story *

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Dragon Quest ~ Alexander Elliott

Reblogged from Alexander Elliott, the first part of a serialised fantasy. Parts two, three and four can be found by clicking the highlighted links: Prologue Three months ago, in the far away Kingdom of Whitehaven The king was dead. Thrown … Continue reading

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More reviews from Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore ~ Mary Smith, Bette A. Stevens and Stevie Turner

Reblogged from Smorgasbord, reviews of books by Mary Smith, Bette A. Stevens and Stevie Turner: Welcome to the second of the weekly updates for authors in the Cafe and Bookstore. The first author today with a recent review is Mary … Continue reading

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How to be King…

* The title is a phonetic rendering of the spiritual classic, ‘Tao Te Ching’. A more literal rendering would be, ‘How of the King’, or even ‘Way of the King’. All of which is quite widely known. A little less … Continue reading

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Adapts to fit…

The laboriously written sentence looked as if it had been scrawled by a five year old making their first attempt at joined up writing… or a centenarian making their last. The lines of the script were uncertain and badly formed, … Continue reading

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Gold #midnighthaiku

* Tides of time recede Revealing experience Uncovering gold *

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Brooding Splendour: A Journey Through Mull and Iona ~ Jan Malique

Reblogged from Strange Goings-On in the Shed: It comes to pass that the Traveller sails to distant islands, shrouded in mist and foreboding. Sky and Sea infuse the senses with deep melancholy. The Guardians of the land stand remote, silent … Continue reading

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Three Minute Poems – How it all began… Harula Ladd

Reblogged from Harula’s Words that Serve: You know you’ve hit on something when the responses are so varied. “God, you’re so brave! I’d be terrified!” “What a brilliant idea, how lovely!” Experience has shown that it’s when I’m able to … Continue reading

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Aurally Speaking…

* “Why are there are so many different versions of ‘The Emerald Tablet’.” “It is an important text. Some hold that it alone contains the essence of the alchemical teaching, and most of the versions differ in only the slightest … Continue reading

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Berry brown and ancient, Lichen covered stones Watch a frosty moon Colour winter’s clouds. Flowering the night With sacred light; Sanctuary for a wild spirit. My soul rests, Breathing Nature’s harmony A quiet shade In the garden of life.

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