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In season

  Sweet spring withers winter Soft light and ancient frost Rose dawn follows secret night Dark peace a murmured sanctuary No soul flowers in lonely shade But grows in season To blossom wild Roots deep in summer earth

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Be Still and Know ~ Annette Rochelle Aben #writephoto

Resting her head, on tucked up legs, Lisa gazed in to the sea. Where did it start? Where did it end? How many stories did id have to tell? Well, it had one more story now. Lazy fingers traced the … Continue reading

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Persephone, Lady of the Mysteries ~ Monika at Symbol Reader

Reblogged from Symbol Reader: “Drive your cart and your plow over the bones of the dead.” William Blake, Proverbs of Hell Is one even allowed to talk about the gods of the underworld? For Rudolf Otto, a twentieth-century theologian, the … Continue reading

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The Itchy Arse Of Fame ~ Geoff Le Pard #writephoto

The Sphinx sat, as it had done for centuries, eying the horizon with a jaundiced eye. Which, he thought was rather appropriate given the puss-yellow cloud of sand that anyone with half a brain could see massing on the far … Continue reading

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Book Launch for ‘Andorra Pett and her Sister’ by Richard Dee

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One Kidney or Two ~ Teresa Smeigh #writephoto

One Kidney or Two? As the four of them were driving to the hospital to have the tests done they admired the scenery as much as possible. Anything to get their minds off the upcoming tests. Jack drove them along … Continue reading

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From weeds to wildflowers…

When my son’s old driveway was constructed, no-one thought to lay a weed membrane beneath it. Consequently, when a nice crop of weeds grew between the blocks I, as the designated gardener, had to tackle the things. I won’t use … Continue reading

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Living in the Present ~ Christine Bolton #writephoto

In the stillness of the morning I see her again The woman in black Standing on the rocks in silence Staring at the sea motionless Continue reading at Poetry for Healing

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Rain #midnighthaiku

* Gardens out of bounds Rain that stops play makes them glow Loving paradox *

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