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Triads: The Trinity… Stuart France

* … The One is All, yet the One is ‘three’? The trinity is actually, a unity? Three ‘persons’ in one? The paradoxes and enigmas are wont to pile up when considering this seemingly curious, or counter intuitive, notion. So, … Continue reading

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Balefire ~ Di #writephoto

Master rising, Servant chanting, One on one Both wanting: Power filters Wand waving, Master rises, Power craving. Continue reading at pensitivity101

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Guest author: Frank Prem ~ The New Asylum

Hello Sue and hello readers. Thank you for inviting me back. I thought I might tell a little of the back story to my new poetry collection – The New Asylum a memoir of psychiatry. The collection is about my … Continue reading

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The last I can write of Gilgamesh. ~ Willow Willers

Willow’s final thoughts on the April workshop: willowdot21 Back in June I wrote ”As I am nearing the end of my account of my feelings and experiences at The Silent Eye Spring Workshop I find I want to linger with … Continue reading

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A Catalyst ~ Phillip Knight Scott #writephoto

The flamboyant flame stands before me, framed by garish smoke rising to meet an aloof sky. The crackling embers — embarrassed to be seen laying down on the job — pop out of sight, making way for flashier lights. The … Continue reading

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Poke Practice ~ Na’ama Yehuda #writephoto

“I’ll flunk.” Malinda sighed. Her brother needed an inordinate amount of putting up with. “You’ll be fine,” she forced calmness into her voice. In part because she felt bad for him — Jerrod had always been too sensitive and too-tightly … Continue reading

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First to last..?

You can blame Hugh Roberts. He mentioned in a comment made several days ago, an old post, written in a moment of sheer elation. And he mentioned the video that had accompanied it. I had to go back and look. … Continue reading

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Secrets ~ Tina Stewart Brakebill #writephoto

hidden in the flames our secrets sizzle and snap reduced to ashes Reblogged from Tina Stewart Brakebill

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Kin #midnighthaiku

* Stranger in the land Should I lay down beside you Would I look as you *

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