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Moon music ~ Kerfe Roig

Reblogged from K-Lines that Aim to Be: Continue reading at K-Lines that Aim to Be

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Balefire ~ Jan Malique #writephoto

This one was approached with hesitance, I wasn’t sure how to spin my tale. In the end the only solution was to follow gut instinct and the voice of one Muse. In the beginning, there was only Fire, one sacred … Continue reading

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Living Lore Reblog: All Hallows Eve ~ Running Elk

Reblogged from Shamanic Paths: It’s almost upon us. That most Scottish of warding traditions, which, having crossed the Atlantic, has returned, a wee bit sullied, yet nonetheless popular. Marking the end of the summer and the beginning of winter, the … Continue reading

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Balefire ~ Kyt Wright #writephoto

The girl had been walking home from school, detention again, when her neighbour stopped and asked if she wanted a lift home. He was a kindly man and got on well with her family so she got in his car … Continue reading

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Once in every lifetime…

* We do not think about time, except in terms of its measurement. * Never as a dimension. * Yet every object extends in time as well as space. * Sometimes it is here, or there, sometimes it is not. … Continue reading

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Balefire ~Roberta Eaton #writephoto

“Mrs van Tonder, her snow white hair and deeply lined face defying her indefatigable spirit and faith in God helps Marta to obtain a couple of extra British military blankets from the supplies tent to supplement the blankets they have … Continue reading

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Let the Balefires Burn ~ Padre’s Ramblings #writephoto

Remember, remember the fifth of November Of fireworks, bonfires, and Guys While no one much cares what it all means Its an excuse to light up the skies Continue reading at Padre’s Ramblings

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Stubborn #midnighthaiku

Delayed departure Farewells  stubbornly refused Dancing summer’s end

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