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For Sally and Giorgio ~ M. Brazfield #writephoto

echoes in soft violet the hem of your second wedding dress off to bury your soldier and marry the promise Continue reading at Words Less Spoken

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Frozen ~ Ritu Bhathal #writephoto

Ice Cracking A slow thaw Of frozen streams As the sun rises Heralding the weather Continue reading at But I Smile Anyway

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Will They Like My Book? ~ Ritu Bhathal

Reblogged from Ritu Bhathal’s new author website: So, you wrote a book. Or at least you wrote a story, or a body of text, and you want it to become a book. What comes next? Well, you know, from my … Continue reading

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Northwards ~ Padre’s Ramblings #writephoto

Ildris and Hannon continued northwards. Their orders were simple: cross the Great Nord River and then follow its feeder tributaries north seeking any sign of the Griffin Legion. The Scout-Rangers knew this would be an arduous journey, and perhaps even … Continue reading

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The Talking Darkness ~ Steve Tanham #writephoto

He chose his moment to appear at the edge of the dark forest; the forest through which they had come on their murderous journey. The few that knew him used his ancient name: the Talking Darkness…. Anyone in the dark … Continue reading

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Four letter word

“Who do you love best?” I overheard a conversation between mother and her small child and remembered my own sons asking me this question when they were very small. I imagine it is one many children throw at their parents … Continue reading

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A Jewel in the Crown… Stuart France

Stone of the Wise * PROJECTION-OF-GOLD In truth, it is certain and without doubt that whatever is above tends toward that which is below and whatever is below tends toward that which is above for the accomplishment of the One … Continue reading

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Illusions #midnighthaiku

* Hunting for success Lives spent pursuing shadows Only ghosts remain *  

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