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Breaking bad?

It started with a tyre, then another, then a third… “The tracking’s out,” they said, although the price was all I heard. “The fourth one will need doing soon, and have you checked the spare?” Now, should I groan and … Continue reading

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The Hermit ~ Alethea Kehas #writephoto

The hermit curled his head into his folded feathers. It had a been a long day. Heck, who was he kidding? It had been a long century. He was getting old, too old to be doing this work. And, he … Continue reading

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Feeding the fishes ~ Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Jim Webster at Tallis Steelyard: It has to be said that I never heard this tale of Maljie’s past from the lady in person. This one I had from Laxey, the sub-Hierodeacon. It has to be confessed that … Continue reading

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Merlin, Beast-Master…

* … It was night, the horns of the bright moon shone, the vault of heaven’s lights gleamed… * From the top of a lofty mountain, Merlin regarded the course of the stars… * Continue reading at The Silent Eye

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The Neighborhood Magpie Community ~ Joe M #writephoto

  magpies will eat songbird eggs and chicks but songbirds are hard to find in my garden wide and and wild and brushy as it is too many cats Continue reading at Does Writing Excuse Watching?

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The magpie waits silently ~ Phillip Knight Scott #writephoto

His handsome plumage disguises a high-flying dark underbelly, a conniving thief in a tuxedo of feathers as he lay in wait, silent witness biding time until he can lunge at dinner without thanking the unwitting chef. Continue reading at Reverie … Continue reading

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Rites of Passage: War and peace

*** We had left two of our companions to return to the hotel, as one of them, gallantly sharing the weekend in spite of upcoming surgery, had turned her ankle and needed to rest. We were, therefore, a reduced company … Continue reading

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Rogue harbinger ~ M. Brazfield #writephoto

sky begins to ripe auld blue soul ushers silent nesting for the Fall Reblogged from Words Less Spoken

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Legacy #midnighthaiku

* Harvesting summer Autumn’s purse holds springtime’s gold Beauty’s legacy *

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