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Don’t let the grass grow under your feet ~ Jim Webster

Reblogged from JimWebstr, aka Tallis Steelyard: Every so often you come across a paradox. For example I was once talking to an old friend of Maljie’s and they mentioned, “The cathartic effect of mindless violence.” But surely if it’s cathartic, … Continue reading

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Colleen reviews “Hinting at Shadows,” by @SarahBrentyn

Reblogged from Colleen M. Chesebro: No One Escapes Life Unscathed  Delve into the deeper reaches of the human condition and the darkness that lives there. A girl haunted by her sister’s drowning. A boy desperate for his father’s affection. A … Continue reading

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Niall of the Nine…

* When young, Niall and his four step-brothers, Brian, Fiachra, Ailill and Fergus were given weapons by a smith and sent out hunting to prove their arms. After losing their way in a forest, the five youths lit a fire … Continue reading

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Reaching #writephoto

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Light Ahead

Originally posted on Na'ama Yehuda:
Photo: Sue Vincent ? After weeks of gray and thistles and ceaseless wind that scraped her raw, there was light. She could scarcely believe it at first. The cloud cover had been so complete…

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Originally posted on Reena Saxena:
bareness stretches to share hollow secrets with stark branches remembering lush green foliage that once adorned   golden beams smile knowing – colors will change with every season, every dawn vain reflections know not they…

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Another Adventure…

Originally posted on Helen Glynn Jones:
It’s wonderfully sunny today, one of those glorious days you get in September, a last burst of summer warmth before the chill of autumn descends. It’s my favourite time of year – I love…

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Poetry’s pictures celebrate eternity, The breath of flowers A sacred perfume Kissing naked eyes In the porcelain morning. Stars dance A window on a velvet night, Haunting the cup Of Universe, Melting fevered desire To champagne.

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Beyond #midnighthaiku

* Beyond broken forms A mariage of Mysteries Sacred heart remains *

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