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A to Z…

These are the words that were not heard A child in the darkness; Fragmented thoughts and torn emotion Rent from a fragile heart. These are the words I dared not speak For innocence betrayed And murdered illusions Grief gathered silence. … Continue reading

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Poised for flight ~ Sadje #writephoto

Poised for flight Hiding here in the shadows He waits and listens intently Life has not been easy for him he feels Because he wasn’t born like others Continue reading at Keep it Alive

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A Teenage Daughter and Her Teenage Cat ~ Alethea Kehas #parenting

Reblogged from The Light Behind the Story: “So, when do you think she’ll no longer be a teenager?” my daughter asks me after her 13-month-old cat, Millie, nips her for the tenth time while she tries to pet her. “Oh, … Continue reading

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The Builder Of Bridges ~ Kyt Wright #writephoto

“What’s down there?,” you ask. I’ll tell you. Down there is curiosity, insight and awareness; but down there, for me, I’ll confess, is ego and pride. For I am the Builder of Bridges. Though all you see is a simple … Continue reading

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Digging out secrets ~ Neel Anil Panicker #writephoto

A ganglion of stone-cut steps, each steeper than the other took Ethan further into the bowels of the Earth. As he reached a small landing, just one among the countless he had stopped at, albeit momentarily while descending down into … Continue reading

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Starting early…

It is no time to be up, not when it is not necessary. Even Ani has got the general idea that just because I am up doesn’t mean it is time for her to wake these days but I love … Continue reading

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The Kids Wait for Answers to Their Questions ~ Teresa Smeigh #writephoto

Everyone rushes to Joanne and talks at once. Oliver shouts,” Be Quiet!” and everyone immediately shuts up. “Someone get some smelling salts or don’t you have that here in the boondocks?” “I’ll get some,” John said, running towards his house. … Continue reading

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Melancholy #midnighthaiku

* Melancholy heart Seeing winter in springtime Leaving life behind *  

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