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Pure Children Born anew Of driven snow Unblemished beauty Encapsulating spring A promise of renewal Modest messengers of the gods Offer hope and illumination Shining in shadows with an inner light Etheree for Colleen’s Poetry Challenge

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Books; Written Adventure, New worlds open With each page perused. A welcome holiday The cares of life left behind, Imagination paints the scene, A pen illuminates the details Travelling through time and space to wonder. * For Colleen’s Poetry Challenge … Continue reading

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Stark ~ Dorinda Duclos #writephoto

Light Across Barren lands Empty branches Reaching for the sky Morning rises to meet Continue reading at Night Owl Poetry

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Faraway ~ Ritu Bhathal #writephoto

Far Away Yet close by Across the deep I call out to you My voice travels, airborne Crossing miles I cannot see Continue reading at But I Smile Anyway

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Turrets – Lady Lee Manila #writephoto

cold and grey eerie feel another world haunting atmosphere spirits of the past Continue reading at Lady Lee Manila

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Lost – Willow Willers #writephoto.

This prompt of Sue’s has so touch my imagination I have written a second entry, an Etheree. Fallen Lost Souls fall From high grace No more to see Their beloved God’s face Banned from heaven above Because of their hidden … Continue reading

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