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Murmur ~ Ritu Bhathal #writephoto

It started with A murmur Then someone screamed Blue murder Startled starlings Scattered But for me All that mattered; Continue reading at But I Smile Anyway

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Murmur ~ Michael #writephoto

At sunset, the murmurs began. Against the fading day, the voices of the forest made themselves heard. The predators made murmur of their intent, their hunger driving them to act quickly, the potential prey murmuring warnings to be ever vigilant. … Continue reading

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Celebrate “International Peace Day” every day… “Peace Comes Walking”~ Bette A. Stevens

Reblogged from Bette A. Stevens: The United Nations’ (UN) International Day of Peace (World Peace Day) is celebrated on September 21 each year to recognize the efforts of those who have worked hard to end conflict and promote peace. I believe … Continue reading

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The Story Starts To Unfold ~ Teresa Smeigh #writephoto

Joanne’s mind started to wander as she listened to the murmur of voices, especially Jack’s. She looked out at the most spectacular sunset. It was beautiful. Joanne brought her mind back to the story. He was telling them how he … Continue reading

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Murmur ~ Di #writephoto

Fly away toward liquid gold, Embrace the dusk light Murmur with sensual wings, Dots on the horizon unite. Continue reading at  pensitivity101

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Rites of Passage: Light and shade

*** We walked through the village, watching the changing expressions of visitors as the full horror of the plague story hit home. From the mildly curious to the stark shock of those who aligned themselves with the story for a … Continue reading

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The Way of Stars ~ Na’ama Yehuda #writephoto

They were like stars, swirling low and high across the sky, marking the path of time and soul and light and dark and what will come and what had been. As the murmuration rose and swelled, so did the sorrow … Continue reading

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Slowing #midnighthaiku

* The rhythm changes Mists invite a slower dance Scarlet leaves falling *  

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