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Murmur ~ Alethea Kehas #writephoto

I am the murmur in your heart One thousand wings flutter you awake. I am the golden kiss opening your lips. My breath reaching inward Continue reading at The Light Behind the Story

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A-tisket, A-tasket ~ Craig Towsley #writephoto

There weren’t any sandwich bags, or wax paper, or clean tupperware, so we wrapped our peanut butter and jam sandwiches in tinfoil. “We can use the tinfoil, if we get lost and need to survive on our own,” we reasoned. … Continue reading

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A cosy dinner for three ~ Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Jim Webster aka Tallis Steelyard: I suppose that in one way, poets and painters have one specific thing in common. We sketch out the original work, then we work away at it until it is mostly finished. Finally … Continue reading

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A Murmur ~ Iain Kelly #writephoto

He watched the black mass moving through the dawn sky. Backlit by the sun’s orange-yellow glow, the sweeping and swooping birds danced in uniformity. It was, he mused, a stunning example of the beauty that could be found in the … Continue reading

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Murmur ~ Sadje #writephoto

A miraculous sight a lucky few witness They move as one, these thousands of birds A pattern even the most sophisticated equipment Cannot predict with any firm logic It is totally beyond what we know Continue reading at Keep it … Continue reading

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Rites of Passage: The weight of history

*** It was a beautiful day, and our first port of call on the weekend workshop was the picturesque Derbyshire village of Eyam which nestles within the shelter or moorland hills. With its mellow stone, quaint cottages spanning centuries of … Continue reading

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Murmur ~ Trent P. McDonald #writephoto

The people murmured as a new star appeared in the daylight sky. It grew brighter and larger. And grew. And grew. Not a star, but a gargantuan ship from a people far away. An alien invasion! The monstrous craft descended, … Continue reading

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Farewell #midnighthaiku

* Passionate embrace Alchemical ritual Summer’s last farewell *

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