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Just for me?

Late last night, I had a real craving for a home-made cheese scone. Today, I did something I have never done before. I baked. Not that baking is anything new in itself… When the boys were young, I baked every … Continue reading

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Facing Fear with The Silent Eye, Part 1 – Arrival ~ Helen Jones

Helen Jones, author of Journey to Ambeth, begins her account of her weekend with The Silent Eye in Derbyshire… I recently attended a workshop, with The Silent Eye, about Facing Our Fears, an extraordinary weekend spent among the hills and … Continue reading

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Grounded ~ Na’ama Yehuda #writephoto

“Where did you find it?” The boy’s face reflected his struggle: to tell the truth would be to admit he’d been doing what he oughtn’t, but to withhold the truth could mean that what needs to happen, won’t. The woman … Continue reading

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Guest author: Iain Kelly ~ That Difficult 2nd Novel ~ Writing ‘State of Denial’ #booklaunch

Towards the end of last year I completed and self-published my first novel, ‘A Justified State.’ Even as I was finishing the writing and editing of that story, an idea was growing in my mind to continue the story of … Continue reading

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Harbinger ~ Sisyphus #writephoto

I was in my last university year, preparing for a master in German Literature and History. Beside my academic work I enjoyed exploring the country, once called eastern Germany – Ostdeutschland sounded so much better – on my bike. At … Continue reading

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I Should Have Flown South ~ Jim Adams #writephoto

It is such a long trip to make Temperatures are making me shake Harsh winter came early this year The magpie said with a tear My feathers don’t cover my legs or feet This will take the joy out of … Continue reading

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Rites of Passage: Worlds apart

*** Our next stop was not only a site extraordinarily rich in archaeological remains, but also a local beauty spot with plenty of parking nearby and well-defined paths… always a difficult combination. We would always wish to have these places … Continue reading

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Madding Merlin…

* * … After many years had passed under many kings, Merlin the Briton was held famous in the world… * Peredur, King of North Wales made war on Gwenddoleu of Scotland… * Continue reading at The Silent Eye

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Faces #midnighthaiku

* Faces tell stories Written in stone and wrinkles Memories remain *

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