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Forget The ABC ~ Na’ama Yehuda #writephoto

“If you knew where it goes, would you follow?” Efran peeked down the leaf-strewn stone shaft and rough steps. “I can see where it goes,” he pointed. “There.” Jerow shook his head. It could be difficult to know with Efran, … Continue reading

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Poised ~ Willow Willers #writephoto

Tick tock pocket watch Who’s coming up the stairs Tick tock stop the clock Alice’s new friend appears. Moving fast, Hurry hurry Milliners licking lips, in a flurry Time for tea, guests unaware All laced with Mercury, mousey sleeping in … Continue reading

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How to Develop Your Brand as a Book Author ~ Stewart Dunlop is Nicholas C. Rossis’ guest

Reblogged from Nicholas C. Rossis: This is a guest post by Stewart Dunlop. Stewart is a full-time content marketer at Foundr and part-time reader, gamer & footballer. You can follow or tweet him @stewydunlop. How to Develop Your Brand as … Continue reading

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Earthward ~ Jane Dougherty #writephoto

Not a story to accompany Sue’s photo, just idle thoughts. When down is the only way open, you follow the drifting leaves, down and down steps slippery with rain and fallen leaves, until the earth closes above your head, and … Continue reading

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Jenny Comes Home from School

Originally posted on rivrvlogr:
Jenny Comes Home from School This is the story of an exciting day in the life of a blue-eyed, blonde-haired goldfish. That’s right, blonde-haired. Jenny was her name, and she lived in a soft fishbowl that…

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Swamp Thing ~ Jim Adams #writephoto

The creature was lurking in a black lagoon that was part of the Louisiana swamps which are holding numerous secrets that will send chills down your spine and wake you up in the middle of the night screaming from your … Continue reading

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Perfect symbols

       “Not necessarily these days, what do think it means?”       “It’s the observer and the observed. They’re the observer. We’re the observed”       “Don’t be absurd.”       I motion out of the roof window where three Red Kites are … Continue reading

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From her rest within a winter garden She rose, Walking lonely paths Beneath withering boughs. She wanders wild And cold earth murmurs Of Eden’s fruit. A ghost in fevered hearts, The perfume of eternity’s desire, She remembers God’s kiss And … Continue reading

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Heartbeat #midnighthaiku

* Leaves begin falling First spring seeds seek the sunshine Earth’s heart still beating *

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