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Lord of the Deep: Three. ~ Willow Willers

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The music stops and we are seated, I look at The Enneagram and wonder how I will cope with walking it and the Hexaflow. Suddenly I am snapped back to Sumer something is happening. Anu and…

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The Old House ~ Kyt Wright #writephoto

“Katie where are you?” asked Julie. She had only turned her back for a moment, this place was enormous the perfect setting for my ghost story she thought. Julie had confronted Sam after finding a very explicit message on his … Continue reading

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Warp and Heft ~ Na’ama Yehuda #writephoto

“All houses bow with time,” Agnes fanned herself. The heat lay on the garden like a leaded blanket. Even the shade of the great oak offered only small respite, though their stifling rooms would be far worse. “Yet not all … Continue reading

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Wandering back in time – through a real medieval village ~ Alli Templeton

Reblogged from Medieval Wanderings: Writing about Easter in the Middle Ages has got me thinking about village life back then. It’s harder to pin down the lives of ordinary medieval people because they left little of themselves behind. I’ve walked … Continue reading

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Monochrome ~ Trent P. McDonald #writephoto

And on the sixth day it was decreed that all color, hue and chroma would be banished from the world.  * It was raining.  Again.  Not hard, just a little cold drizzle.  Andy drew his jacket a little tighter and … Continue reading

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Spring ~ Stuart France

* …They do have something of the ‘other-world’ about them these places. ‘No un-authorised person beyond this point,’ said the sign. ‘But we are more authorised than anyone ever could be,’ said Wen. It is difficult to disagree but then … Continue reading

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Monochrome ~ Willow Willers #writephoto

Stormy skies matched the house. The scene, perfect monochrome. As she approached she asked herself when did this place cease to be a home. Times of banquets, times of joy Times to be bold, times to be coy. Continue reading … Continue reading

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Lord of the Deep: The Tyrant and the Priestess

We began the workshop weekend by opening a whole can of worms. Gilgamesh, Lord of the mighty city-state of Uruk, stands within the temple of Ishtar, face to face with the High Priestess, Shamhat, and demanding her favours, and when … Continue reading

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Spring #midnighthaiku

Pure simplicity Innocent of pretension Captures eye and heart

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