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The Sisters ~ Dorinda Duclos #writephoto

They danced, among the shadows of the grass, as one with the earth they stood upon. Arms stretched out, hands clasped, one to the other, not wanting to break the chain. But something was missing. The circle was not complete. … Continue reading

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Flow of Water ~ Flow of Life ~ Randall Collis

Reblogged from Global Sojourns Photography : Years ago, my Dad and I were sitting in a duck blind in Eastern Oregon prior to dawn and I mentioned how much I wanted to live near the Oregon Coast. The gist of … Continue reading

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They Bowed ~ Na’ama Yehuda #writephoto

“They bow, you see,” Mir explained. The child held on silently to his hand. Mir peered down at the small head, so uncharacteristically still, the red curls shining like molten gold under the sun. The quiet lingered and Mir did … Continue reading

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An Imperious Impulse: Shadow Lands…

* … “You must guard against your propensity to act foolishly, Coyote,” said Death Spirit. “Yes,yes,” said Coyote, “I will do just as you say, as always.” “Very well,” said Death Spirit, “you will travel for five days and cross … Continue reading

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The Wicker Witches of Little Toddington ~ Kyt Wright #writephoto

Prodigious amounts of willow trees grew on the banks of the River Neeple close to Little Todginton and the local people were smugly renowned for their basketry and skill at wickerwork. Upon hearing of a coven of witches causing mayhem … Continue reading

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The handywoman’s hat

My son and I looked at the fishpond, “You must get that sorted,” says I. “‘Cause the water is green, And the fish can’t be seen, And they need TLC or they’ll die.” So my son took a look…it’s not … Continue reading

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State of Persons… Stuart France

* If a person Fails to stand In right relation To story… Continue reading at Stuart France

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Danger #midnighthaiku

* Lured by temptation Desire leads the heart astray Getting in too deep *

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