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Swing and Sway ~ Jen Goldie #writephoto

Oh, Swing and Sway, Oh, Swing and Sway, On this evil devil’s day Oh Swing and Sway, Oh Swing and Sway, Give us power to heal this day, Continue reading at Starlight and Moonbeams

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Niña Duende Travels to Spain

Originally posted on Michelle Adam:
5/20/2019: There’s a place in my life, where the wildflowers once grew in arid fields of piñon, rosemary, and thyme; where the passion reigned in the marketplace; and where, as a child, I awakened a deep connection…

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Wicker (spring) women ~ Frank Prem #writephoto

hey sister hey hold my hand sister hey take mine in yours and sway Continue reading at Frank Prem Poetry

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Lord of the Deep. Trees and Plants. ~ Willow Willers

Reblogged from Willow, who continues to share her experiences at the Lord of the Deep weekend: After the second Drama on the Saturday morning of the Silent Eye Workshop we had a break, then a presentation from Lorraine Munn on … Continue reading

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Ancient Rhythm ~ Deborah #writephoto

hands joined together their spirits power become one voices lifted up Continue reading at A Wise Woman’s Journey

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Of Ceremony and Symbol…

* First Man had many wives among the Animal People. The sacred beast, bird or reptile was treated with reverence and as totem was carried to ensure guardianship of the spirits. Continue reading at France and Vincent

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Wicker ~ Di #writephoto

It was no wonder the Wicker sisters started to bicker. All three were fed up, bored, and at a loose end. I-spy had long lost its appeal, there were no creatures around with which to pass the time of day … Continue reading

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Notes from a small dog: About time…

It has been ages since the ball guy came to visit! What with one thing and another, he hasn’t been able to come and see me since before the leaves started on the trees… and I couldn’t wait to take … Continue reading

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Rising #midnighthaiku

* Rainbows and roses Multi-coloured gifts of love Fragile beauty glows *

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